Monday, January 19, 2009

What we've Been up to...

I've gotten really behind in my blogging, and I'm still trying to figure everything out. Kirsten has been here helping me learn the ins and outs, so hopefully I'll get really great at it. Enjoy all the pictures!

Most recently, we blessed Taytum on January 4th, 2009. All her grandmas, grandpas uncles, aunts and cousins came to enjoy this special day with us. Taytum wore the blessing dress my grandma Nora made for her with some of the material from my wedding dress. It was a fun and wonderful day. I'll have more pictures of Taytum in her blessing dress soon.
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Christmas Party

These are pictures from our Goodwin Family Christmas Party. Taytum's first time meeting Santa! She loved because he spoiled her rotten on Christmas Day! The boys also enjoyed seeing Santa again..McCoy was quite interested in getting as close as possible and Santa had fun carrying him like a football. We love our Family Santa Claus, and so do the kids! We're very lucky to get together every year to see our family and enjoy the Holidays.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is what you get when you ask Daxton to say cheese! Not sure where he learned it but have had to find other methods of getting a smile because this is not his finest look!
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McCoy's new glasses. Makes him look all grown up and soooo handsome!
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This is one of his patches and him pretending to be a pirate equipped with his hook!
Posted by PicasaTaytums first time going to church and mom being able to Doll her up!